Order Another Round at Steel Toe Pub

We serve old-fashioned drinks and beer

Steel Toe Pub is a family-owned and -operated bar at the bottom floor of the Androy Hotel. We’re easily accessible to hotel guests, but we serve all locals in the area. We provide a clean, cozy atmosphere for nights out with friends or dates. You can enjoy a variety of domestic and seasonal beers, along with classic drinks like Old-Fashioned cocktails, Cucumber Presses, Moscow Mules and Sidecars. Choose us to enjoy a comfortable drinking atmosphere with the people in your life.

Why drink with us?

Why drink with us?

The choice to visit us tonight is an easy one when you consider that:

  • We’re newer than most of the bars in the area, so we’re one of the nicest ones.
  • Our pub has an upscale feel if you’re bringing a date, but it’s also comfortable enough for an after-work beer.
  • We have a cool industrial look.

Drop by our pub today for an unforgettable night.